My name is Elo Vázquez and I’m a photographer, DJ and soda water lover from the South of Spain. I used to be a Spanish teacher, but when my kids were born, I decided to devote my (not very much) free time to photography, something that I started doing when I was barely 10 years old with my grandma’s camera. I was also 10 years old when I got a Walkman and I did my very first cassette mixtape. I haven’t stopped photographing and mixtaping since then.

I find it very hard to describe what kind of pictures I take or what kind of music I listen to, but a very basic explanation for both is that I like the unexpected. The unpredictability of a song makes me curious about what’s happening next, and curiosity is the biggest motor behind my photography as well.

I began publishing my photography in the early years of the Internet in platforms like Livejournal or DeviantArt, and for years I cultivated relationships with artists from all over the world. As a result, my work has appeared in international publications like Frankie Magazine (Australia), Elle Girl (Korea) and Apartamento Magazine (Italy/Spain). My images have also been featured in major online media such as Feature Shoot or In addition to publications, my work has also been shown in both group and solo exhibitions at venues like Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong, Photokina in Cologne or The Reykjavík Museum of Photography.

Currently based in Barcelona (winter-spring-autumn) / Reykjavík (summer) with my Icelandic husband and my two half-viking sons.



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